Our Story

By celebrating the inner beauty of sensitivity, but also the outward strength that it requires—we open a space to fully feel life, to connect deeply, and to be vulnerably open to our experiences and the extraordinary world around us. 


We know what it’s like to be sensitive. 

To feel, to empathize, 

to be vulnerably open to the world around you. 

How lovely a delicate thing. 

We know what it’s like to be strong. 

To be powerful, to take charge, 

to boldly face the world and withstand great pressure. 

A force to be watched in awe. 

But the only way we know one, is by experiencing the other. 

For nothing exists in itself.

True balance isn’t a fixed point,

it is a graceful exploration of our polarities. 

Spherical in nature—with our beauty holding the center. 

Soften into your strength, my dear. Let down your guard.

And find your Day+West. 

The Beauty Of Day+West

We create skincare that is both functional and beautiful; a tender moment that softens us from the hard world and allows us to gracefully experience everything in between. Through bold self-intimacy, we discover that we are always playfully exploring what it means to be both the ingenue and the vixen, balancing the softness and strength of both Doris Day and Mae West.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the inherent intelligence of nature and rely on progressive science that respects the living world and all things in it—including you. Every choice we make, from our suppliers to our packaging, takes into consideration the impact our products have on the environment, on our skin, on our wellbeing, and on each other. For through our sensitivity, we find power. 

About The Founder

Focused on delicate matters of national security for the last two decades, our founder knows a thing or two about stress - and the toll it can take on skin. Weathering long-haul flights to austere locales, navigating unfamiliar environments, and enduring sleepless nights worrying about the country and one’s children can wreak havoc on a complexion.

Instead of collecting keychains or trinkets on her travels, Gabrielle scoured pharmacies and drugstores to learn how locals remedy skin concerns, testing lotions and potions with ingredients sourced across the globe to help soothe and indulge her remarkably reactive and highly sensitive skin.

Our Secret Weapon Kit

Surrender to the moment and show your skin the kindness it deserves, with our essential formulas that nourish, protect, and fortify.

Sustainable Initiatives

Learn more about how we are making more thoughtful decisions based on positive impact for all.

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