SkinSAFE®: Day+West's Partner in Ingredient Transparency and Safety

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Authored by Alexandra Kennedy

At Day+West, we believe in full transparency when it comes to our clean, non-toxic formulations. That's why we've partnered with SkinSAFE, an independent platform that provides rigorous safety analysis tailored to sensitive skin needs.

The Importance of SkinSAFE for Sensitive Skin

SkinSAFE is one of the industry's most trusted platforms for sensitive skin care, developed in partnership with the renowned Mayo Clinic and its 25+ years of dermatological expertise. As SkinSAFE explains, "Being a safe space where you can avoid the most common irritants and allergens in skincare, and even personalize your shopping list to suit your exact requirements is never to be taken for granted."

What sets SkinSAFE apart is its use of advanced AI to comprehensively analyze each product's ingredients, formulation data, and clinical studies. It then generates customized safety ratings flagging over 60 potential health factors, allergens, and sensitivities. This allows those with reactive skin to make truly informed decisions.

"SkinSAFE is one of the only platforms that truly understands the challenges of those with sensitive skin," said David A. Mays, PharmD, MBA, who helped create SkinSAFE's “Developed with SkinSAFE” program for brand partnerships.

The First “Developed with SkinSAFE” Partner

Day+West is proud to be the first skincare brand to partner and formulate with SkinSAFE. As our founder Gabrielle Braden states, "The SkinSAFE team was instrumental in every round of formulation, encouraging the inclusion and exclusion of ingredients and even steering conversations with our chemists."

The Developed with SkinSAFE process involved rigorous clinical testing, regulatory certification assistance, and independent analytic reports to verify our products meet their strict Trusted Choice criteria. Our partnership continues to provide ongoing expertise to continuously refine our formulations to provide the highest quality products to our consumers.

Our Holistic Approach to Beauty 

Clean beauty at Day+West goes beyond just the SkinSAFE® seal of approval. We take a holistic, ethics-driven approach to formulation:

  • Avoiding potential toxins like parabens, phthalates, sulfates and synthetic additives
  • Prioritizing gentle, effective botanical actives and certified organic/natural ingredients
  • Marrying cutting-edge science with nature's ancient wisdom
  • Complete transparency around our full ingredient listings and sources

Clean beauty is far more than a marketing term to us – it's a comprehensive philosophy that puts your health and our planet first. Through our partnership with SkinSAFE and our conscientious formulation practices, Day+West is creating a new standard for sensitive skincare that you can truly feel good about.

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