How Our Founding Fathers + Mothers Cared For Their Skin

How Our Founding Fathers + Mothers Cared For Their Skin

Under the same sun that ripens our ingredients today, there was wisdom - deeply rooted in both nature and simplicity. Although prominent and wealthy 18th century colonialists, such as Martha Washington, would have access to European soups and creams, most turned to the land for rudimentary but practical skincare solutions. 

Sustainability was practiced out of necessity. Rosewater for toning, fruit peels and leftover pulp found new life in homemade scrubs and masks, providing natural exfoliation and nourishment to the skin. They used every part of the harvest, including for personal care. Just as diets changed with the seasons, so did skincare routines, adapting to the needs brought by weather changes, using thicker creams in winter and lighter oils in summer.

Known for its antibacterial and moisturizing properties, honey was a favored remedy for skin ailments and a base for creating balms mixed with beeswax, which provided a protective barrier against the elements. Lavender, chamomile, and calendula were commonly grown alongside crops. Infused into oils or steeped in boiling water, these herbs treated skin inflammations and soothed irritations, much like they calm our skin in today’s gentle formulas. Oats were used in paths to calm rashes and itchiness.

These natural wonders packed a punch against harsh environments, sun exposure, and reactive skin. To this day, they continue to be best in class ingredients in modern skincare. 

As Day+West strives to bring you skincare that is clean and effective, we find inspiration in nature's apothecary - simple, and enduring botanicals that soothe and hydrate gently. All of our products are formulated with fruit extracts and calendula. . These are not just well-chosen ingredients; they are the heritage of care, resilience, and respect for nature.

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