Two Muses

Two Muses

When we ship a parcel of sumptuous skincare essentials, inscribed inside the Day+West® box is an original poem with the line “beauty is never a defined, fixed point, but a playful exploration of all that you are.” In its essence, our name suggests that be it day or night, East or West, life is a gloriously imperfect balancing act. Day+West is also a nod to two iconic and inspirational Hollywood legends, Doris Day and Mae West. Day and West both embody distinct archetypes that at once shape and define - but not limit - self-expression. These were women who skillfully navigated a male-dominated Hollywood system while remaining true to themselves. They both leveraged their fame to champion causes dear to their hearts. West challenged the censorship laws of the time; and Day passionately advocated for animal rights.

Doris Day (1922-2019), with her wholesome beauty and charm, represents the epitome of grace. She was often typecast in the post World War II era as ‘the girl next door’ who enchanted audiences with her radiant smile and impeccable style. Day starred in several classic romantic comedies, such as Pillow Talk (1959) alongside Rock Hudson and in musicals like Calamity Jane (1953). She was also the leading lady in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956), which introduced her famous recording of “Que Sera Sera (Whatever will be will be)”. Perhaps her most enduring legacy, however, is the Doris Day Animal Foundation which continues to fund animal rescue grantees nationwide.

Mae West (1893-1980) was a legendary American actress, playwright, and sex symbol. Of note, she didn’t make her first film until the age of 40. But by 1936, in the throes of the Great Depression, she was one of the highest paid Americans. Two of her classic and most popular films are She Done Him Wrong (1933) and My Little Chickadee (1940).

Known for her provocative wit and sensuality, West achieved fame for her daring performances (and brilliant self-marketing) on both stage and screen. West wrote and starred in numerous plays and films, pushing the boundaries of censorship and challenging societal norms with her bold and confident ‘persona’ - tossing out suggestive one-liners like “Why don’t you come up and see me some time?” that stirred audiences and critics. She even served time in prison for her controversial stage performance in the play “Sex”, which she also wrote. She was charged with “corrupting the morals of youth.” She exuded unapologetic confidence, whether acting or in her personal life. 

Imagine Day+West skincare as your own personal time machine, taking you to when life seemed - at least at first blush - a bit simpler, calmer. Designed to gently fortify, the formulas in our Secret Weapon Kit will empower your skin - much like these women - to keep going while glowing. Whether grabbing groceries or walking the red carpet, Quiet Force Face Oil, Gentle Armor Face Cream, and Strong Whisper Face mist will prove steadfast companions by day and night, East to West.

It isn’t just about looking good; it’s about feeling your most confident, best self (whoever that may be on any given day) in your own skin. Here’s to our muses, timeless beauty, and to all lives well lived.

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